nap suite


︎︎︎image description: 
Six white prints with black text, with faint layers of handwriting in the background. Smaller light blue marks appear in each image, resembling bleeding ink. The top of each print reads “ain’t it all just confusing?”. The six prints in order read: 
  • its dark outside & I am waking up from a nap
  • & I wanna make this world more livable for sick folks
  • but Im stuck here layin in bed ‘cause rest is the only healing I can rely on 
  • since I dont know if I’ll always have health-care
  • so I sleep in to let my body settle down 
  • as I wonder what the world has done with all the bed-ridden Heroes.

image 11x17”, full sheet 13 x 22”
etching, monoprint