a promise/ a haunting                                                                                                                                        

︎︎︎image description:
Eight black and white poem prints, each featuring 7 lines of text. The text is white with blurred black shadows underneath. The marks behind the text are messy and layered. Behind all of the text, faintly, reads ‘constant, immediate’ repeated seven times in each print.
In order from top to bottom, the prints read: 
  • sometimes I try to think of chronic illness as my bodys way of keeping a promise
  • I’ve lost count of how constantly I feel precarity & care together 
  • a misdiagnosis lingers on & on & on &    
  • I’m stuck in the stiff warmth of flare-ups & idle time of immunity in constant re-flex
  • I never cared much for staying still & now I waltz between rheumatic tension & gentle care 
  • one doctor describes it as an immune system as cold as a lizard & ambitious as lucifer 
  • A friend asks, will you get better soon? Like a demand, or a plea. As if healing is as simple as begging
  • I have been practicing how to tend to my body with the frequency of a haunting

image 14 x 24”, full sheet 20 x 28”
etching and monoprint