care is

︎︎︎image description:
Twenty-four black and white prints, consisting of “care is” written in white on the top half, and a white rectangle on the bottom half. The text is sitting on a dark field of texture and gestural marks, the blank rectangle consists of faint texture. Written in the white rectangle are different phrases.
With “care is” at the beginning of each phrase, the prints read: 
  • a prairie fire
  • loooooooooooooong
  • a rhinestone
  • not optional
  • a blanket in briar
  • infinitely tiny
  • inter-sectional
  • a haunted house 
  • celebratory
  • a fruit fly drowning in wine 
  • real (and we are too)
  • a steady hum
  • interdependence
  • messy
  • solidarity
  • fed up
  • cradling us in its mouth
  • stuck under my nails
  • a basket o’ biscuits (i ate so fast i choked)
  • tangling itself in joy
  • a hedge maze
  • weeds in a parking lot 
  • beautifully uneven

image 18 x 24”, full sheet 22 x 30” 
etching, aquatint, drypoint, sugarlift, spitbite