infusion/ reunion


︎︎︎image description: eight vertical text prints of varying earth tones on white paper. Described from left to right and top to bottom:
1. text reads “every infusion a reunion”. The text is in a thin, long handwriting on top of scattered abstract markmaking. An irregular white shape creates negative space through the entirety of the composition, being broken by the text. Large blue dots exist in the white negative space, resembling the dots on a hospital gown, or confetti. In the background, thin and scratchy marks scatter themselves between the positive space.
2. same visual language as the previous print, text reads “every reunion a complication”.
3. text reads “every reunion a complication”, printed with brown, reddish ink. Brush strokes of brown ink build the handwritten text, which is resting in white negative space. Some broad brushstrokes interrupt the text, creating tension between the brushstrokes and text resting on a calm, light brown background. 
4. text reads “every reunion a complication” once again, cut out of strips of white negative space, overlaid on aggressive brushstrokes. 
5. text reads “every reunion a complication”, with “ication” being the only part of the text written in dark handwriting. The rest of the text is made out of abstract white negative space, blending in with the background tone.
6. A overall red tone covers the entire print, with two sections of text overlaying each other: “every reunion a complication” and “every infusion a reunion”. The text is made out of light letters, with dark shadows resting underneath. The layering of the text creates a disorienting effect, enhanced by scratchy markmaking in the background.
7. a sparse image, text reads “every infusion a reunion” written in small handwritten letters. The primary focus is the airy, spacious wash tones in the background printed in brown ink. 
8. the final print in the series is less legible than the rest, featuring strips of abstract lettering across the print at the middle and bottom, and thick brushstrokes of dark brown disrupting the text further. Thin, scratched marks reach across the surface of the print on the top and middle of the image. 

image 18 x 24”, full sheet 22 x 30”
etching, cut paper, chine colle, monotype